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What We're Doing to Keep You Safe

Like everyone, we've had to adjust to the new world created by COVID-19. While we continue to monitor current events and stay responsive to state and local guidelines, here are some of the measures we've introduced to not only meet these guidelines, but exceed them, and ensure that we can continue to serve you as safely as possible.

  • We've worked with the our landlord and our neighbors to increase the size of our outdoor seating area to allow for a safe seating environment.

  • We've ensured that all of our tables are separated from each other in accordance with the LA Health Department's recommendations, and we will be enforcing social distancing for all guests and staff.

  • All of our employees are wearing protective masks 100% of the time, and we've increased our hand washing protocol beyond all health code guidelines.

  • Before each shift, all employees are given a temperature check, and asked to confirm that they have not been experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

  • We've increased our sanitization regimen, including regular wipedowns of all surfaces and high traffic areas. Contact of common surfaces has been minimized by propping open doorways, ceasing the use of shared menus, and placing sanitizer throughout the restaurant, among others.

  • We've created a contactless ordering system so that all ordering and payment can be done on your phone.

  • In the event that we are informed of a credible potential transmission at Library Bar, or an employee informs us that they have a medically confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, we will immediately alert the county Public Health department, inform our guests and employees, and shut down until we feel it is safe to reopen.

We're confident that these measures will help to keep you safe. We're with you. Times are strange, but rest assured that your safety is our priority, along with the safety of our staff. Please keep us safe by wearing a mask when in our pub, and refraining from visiting if you're experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Thank you!

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